Monday, March 3, 2014

"Work here is on fire!"

Cool bridge up in Petersfield

Super psyched about Tahoe! Man, he and I will fershtaff be tearing it up at the 'Y' when we get home. I do miss school from time to time, sure, but I almost don't want to come home either -- missionary work is just too much fun.

Work here is on fire! Joss will be getting baptized this weekend, and she's really happy about it. She's such a spiritual giant. I was trying to see if I could get her to ask Bishop Grant or someone in the ward to baptize her, but she asked me to, which I feel quite honored about. The ward absolutely loves her anyway, so we've got no problems. She had initially asked me to give a talk, but Elder Gull will be giving that instead, and Sister Grant and I will be performing a nice arrangement of "Abide With Me," which is her favorite hymn. It's the Sally DeFord version, if you want to check it out. Just a few more lessons this week, an interview, and paperwork and she'll be set.

Everyone else is doing great as well. Kathy just looks so much happier lately, Jade is still coming to church every week, and mutual (even though we still haven't been able to meet with her for reasons outside our control...), and she's excited to see us this week (though we had to promise her cookies for all these things that have been coming up...). Nick's back, though we thought he had dropped us, and our new investigator Pam looks super solid. Her partner's a less-active member, and she really wants to join the church, which is pretty exciting.

So, as for Kennington... I'm not sure when or if I'll get to go there, but I sure hope so. The whole ward is apparently South American -- mostly people who emigrated from South America to Spain, and then up to England. Apparently, they pretty much function on referrals up there, and are teaching all the time, which will be an interesting change. I'm trying to brush up on my Spanish by talking to anyone I see who looks remotely Hispanic, reading my Libro de Mormón, and writing friends in Spanish speaking missions. So, we'll see how it goes.

Elder Gull trying to hunt pigeons in the backyard.
He made a dart shooter out of a pen, a needle, a stick and superglue.

Tell Scotty and Rick that I miss hearing from them.

Anyway, love you,

- Elder Green

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