Monday, March 17, 2014

District Leader..."Weird, right?"

Isn't this a cool picture? This is Brother Lake, from our ward, standing on the railway bridge on a very foggy night.

Man... I totally forgot it was St. Patrick's day today... It's very strange, because here in England, with there being such pride in your own country, they don't really celebrate the days of their patron saints as much. I asked a while ago if it would be offensive to pin a leek to my shirt for St. David's Day (the patron saint of Wales), and I was told, "You're in England! Why would you celebrate a Welsh holiday in England?" So, oh well. I'll go put my green tie on when I get back for lunch.

So, moves... I'm staying again! Actually, everyone in the district is staying the same. So, Elder Dyck will be here until he goes home, Elder Lusty may well do the same, and Elder Gull and I will be working hard for another transfer. There was one change, however... Elder Dyck's been released as District Leader and I've been called as the new one. Weird, right? We're still not used to it, and I'm feeling a lot more responsibility on my shoulders now, but I know that if the Lord trusts me, then I can do it.

Our week's been quite good. Joss is still going strong. The ward really has been a lot of help with her, which is absolutely wonderful. We'll be going to the temple with her in two weeks, hopefully. Kathy dropped us, but John is still going strong -- he received an answer this week to his prayer saying that he should be baptized, which is wonderful. We're going to be getting the ward to be working with him as much as possible so that he feels welcome at church and is able to get a second witness of all these things. Jade's also coming along very well. I'm really excited about her and her desire to keep on with everything.

Elder Gull and I with Jade.

Me and Steven.

 Oh yeah, with my driver's license... I've kind of been waiting on Elder Gull to get his stuff all together. I'll be sending in the application with the money order today, and I'll get on taking my test soon, so not too much going on there yet...

Elder Gull and I are doing fantastically, still working hard as ever. We found out this week that there's a South African stand at the Petersfield market on Saturdays, so we think we're going to go buy some alligator meat up there and bring it back to make some southern gumbo.

Oh, Elder Dyck and I were able to go to a brass band concert on Saturday. The Bishop really wanted us there because there would tons of non-members in the chapel. It was a cool experience, though I felt really strange trying to talk to brass players about music. Band and choir are two completely different worlds...

And for what to send over, I honestly don't have a clue. Socks, trousers, shirts, etc. I'll just get here, because there's no use sending them from the States. I don't really miss too many things, though more taco seasoning would be much appreciated, but not necessary because we've figured out how to make our own. What I would like is some recipes, actually. Elder Gull does most of the cooking, and when I try I usually just throw something together. It's never bad, but I could use some things like a good cookie recipe... You should have seen the one we tried to make... The only other thing would be CD's again. Ones that would be nice are the Lower Lights Volume 2, anything from Vocal Point, and Aaron Copland. That's really about it, honestly, but if I think of anything else throughout the week, I'll tell you.

Elder Gull being a dork!

Photo shoot

  Love you,

- Elder Green

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