Monday, February 24, 2014

"Guess who's getting their British Drivers License? Take some deep breaths, Mom...I'll be fine"

Beautiful Leigh Park

I'm really grateful, we haven't had much rain this last week, but we've had tons for the past few weeks. Apparently it's record-breaking...the most England's had since they started recording weather, or something like that. I don't know, when you get all the news by word of mouth (or looking at Newspaper headlines) you can't really take anything without a pinch of salt. (Maybe he means 'a grain of salt'?...or maybe that's an English expression?)

Sounds pretty promising that the mission president came down, I wonder if they're planning on using Woodland Hills Ward for something big? Who knows. It's good to hear that work is going smoothly there, though. We're experiencing fantastic miracles at the moment.

Joss is doing fantastically, as always, her baptism is a week from this Saturday. We're really excited, she's really excited, the ward's really excited. It's really inspiring, too, because she's faced opposition from a few different sources, and yet still, she's standing pretty firm in her faith. It's great to see the ward gathering around her to help her feel welcome and loved.

Kathy's also progressing really well too! She was having some difficulty reading, but when we went by to see her last week, she had read up to 1 Nephi 10, which was really good to hear! The ward's been embracing her pretty well, also, and you can really see a change in her because of that.

Our investigator Jade has been fantastic too. Man, we haven't even been able to meet with her yet, and she's been taking the initiative to come to church, and even mutual! (Which is pretty incredible, since the youth program is pretty small in this ward.) I felt like such a slacker when she walked up to me this Sunday and said, "Hey, I need a Book of Mormon to start reading." Oops... Hahaha, we're pretty happy with how things are going.

Also, in other news, we had interviews with President Millar this week, and (though our interviews are usually pretty short) he told me a few cool things. First off, I got permission to go searching for gospel related sheet music, which is a total score. I talked to Bishop, and I'll be doing a solo in sacrament meeting soon. I'm trying to decide between a song, that's actually by Owl City, called "In Christ Alone", or an EFY song... Or if I should actually arrange something, though I'm no good at arranging for piano... I don't know.

"Three Green's" at Zone Conference

Anyway, the other exciting thing: I asked President if I could go to Kennnington. Apparently he didn't know that I spoke Spanish, and because he's low on Spanish Speakers, I'm hoping he'll put me in sometime.  So, I've ordered a Preach My Gospel in Spanish, as well as a subscription to the Liahona in Spanish to give me some practice, as I've felt like I should get them for a while.

And for the British food update of the week: refried beans and avocados are super expensive here... Even the dried pinto beans are expensive. Heck, man. So, Elder Gull and I are doing all we can to satisfy our Mexican food cravings.

The Nacho Casserole we made.

Near Langstone/Warblington. It's really pretty down by the seaside.

Anyhow, love you guys,

Elder Green

P.S. Guess who's getting their British Drivers License? Take some deep breaths, Mom...I'll be fine. I think I'll try for the manual license, but if not, I can just get the automatic.

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