Monday, February 10, 2014

"Everytime Elder Green has a great idea, we end up knee deep in mud."

Things are going quite well here, storms haven't been too bad. We did have a bit of leakage coming through again, but not a ton. The guy's been over to do "temporary" work at least twice, so we're hoping he'll get it fixed for good.

We've picked up another baptismal date this week, which we were quite stoked about. That kind of makes five. We've not been in touch with Ariel and Lukas for a little while, and so we're not counting them until we go see them, which will hopefully be tomorrow. Anyway, the new guy's name is Nick, and he was a former investigator whose records we found in the closet. Quite a miracle story there, but we'll have to tell you that another time. We saw him a couple of times last week, and he's a pretty great guy. We committed him to give up smoking on the second visit. He gave us his packet of tobacco for us to throw away. (We actually forgot to throw it away, and accidentally took it to church the next day... Oops...)

Elder Gull and I are doing great. We get along really well. He's a really laid back kid from Salem, UT. And I think President's trying to convert me to hunting, because he's a big time hunter too. We now have his five point antler and grouse feet hanging from the chandelier, and his fishing pole on the wall. I'm cool with it, because he makes really nice food. We bought lamb hearts today, because they were only £1.50. But anyway, our relationship is pretty similar to how Elder Blackner and I were -- we work hard, and both stay pretty chilled about things. It's fun, he's got nearly as many stories as Elder Blackner does. Unfortunately, with the English distaste for hunting he has to keep it pretty quiet...

We went and did some work in some of the areas that we don't normally hit this week: Emsworth and West Meon. Elder Sorensen and I used to have a saying: "Everytime Elder Green has a great idea, we end up knee deep in mud." Well, apparently when you put Elder Green and Elder Gull together you end up waist deep... Not quite, but almost, I've never been more wet and soaked in my life. It was really chucking it down when we were in Emsworth. We got super lost without the map, and had to use Elder Gull's camera with the GPS on it to figure out where we were. Then, we took all the back trails to the main road, and ended up sloshing through tons of mud. Let me tell you, those shoes are pretty waterproof until you get water up to your ankle, hahaha. West Meon was pretty wet too. We didn't find anyone interested out there, we spent most of our time trying to see if anyone was in need of service. They had had some pretty bad flooding there, but the majority of it was taken care of. All the pheasants walking around made Elder Gull decide we're going to find a butcher and buy a whole one. I'm stoked.

The camera did arrive, and yeah, it's actually a bit nicer than the other one I had, so I'm not complaining. And now that I really do recognize the importance of taking pictures, I'll be taking loads. I took quite a few this week, but I'll keep taking more as I go. And we've had internet study for a while. We get an hour each week to review, look at Mormon messages, etc. I felt that would be a great one to post.

Oh, and thanks for what advice you had. I've actually put a lot of thought into my being named after Papa and Uncle Ben. I feel quite honored being named after the two of them. And I noticed a lot of Uncle Ben in me when Elder Sorensen and I were companions. He would get a little freaked out from time to time because I get super excited and start going off about some scripture that I just loved. I'm mellowing out a bit now...

Anyway, love you,

-Elder Green

Beautiful fields out in West Meon
Taking a break from finding out by West Meon church
My new companion, Elder Gull here at the library

An old WWII war bunker hidden up in the forest


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