Monday, February 17, 2014

Adventures in Cooking

Elder Gull and I are having a great time. It's really clear how little we're actually doing... Hang on, let me rephrase that, it's really clear how little we are doing in this area compared to what the Lord's doing. We are working hard, I promise.

Our investigators are really pushing along. We taught Joss the Plan of Salvation this last week, and when we finished, she looked at us and said, "That is absolutely amazing. Nothing has made more sense to me in my life." It's always really heart warming to be able to see just how much the Lord blesses His children. Kathy's doing wonderfully as well. She was able to make it to church this last week, and to a ward social the night before, where we relived our award winning presentation of our ward's roadshow. (I even won an Oscar for my performance in the Chorus.) The night was really fun -- except for when Brother Lush put on that song I wrote for his poem... Man, why's the guy got to embarrass me? Haha, no I'm joking. It sounded a lot nicer than I initially had thought. I'll send you guys the song as soon as I can. I've got it on a disc at the flat.

And something else wonderful came from that night! During our planning earlier this last week, Elder Gull and I decided that we really wanted to start working with the less-actives to find investigators, whether that came from referrals, or non-member family. Well, the Powell's invited along a family that we had worked a bit with before -- the mother's a member, but the children aren't. The Mom came along, partially because she wanted her daughter to have good influences in her life. And, well, she put it quite frankly: "If you want to meet a good boy, then go look for one at church." Well, her daughter (who is Kate's age) seemed to enjoy the night, and got acquainted with the youth of the ward. That next morning, Elder Gull and I were talking, and came to the conclusion that the family is someone we want to start working with in particular. To our surprise, she called and arranged a lift of her own accord to church that day. She enjoyed it enough, was a bit confused on some things (as is to be expected), but we're really excited to get that working.

Anyway, on a less spiritual note, Elder Gull and I have been quite adventurous with our cooking. In celebration of Valentines day (but not on Valentines day, because we couldn't wait that long) we slow cooked lamb heart, stuffed with sautéed mushroom, onion, and green pepper, and served with garlic mashed potatoes and loads of gravy. Man, just because your a missionary doesn't mean you're limited to pot noodles day after day after day. Elder Gull's also quite handy at hamburgers, and so we had teriyaki burgers as well. Wonderful. Elder Dyck is having us make lamb hearts again this week, because they'll be staying the night Thursday, as we have Zone Conference on Friday. It's cool, they're super cheap. We'll be looking for more fun things to eat, so keep posted. I'm going to try to get Elder Gull to eat Balut with me, (the Filipino woman next door told me where I can buy it). Who said English food is boring?

Elder Gull preparing the lamb hearts.

Ready for the oven...

Stuffed lamb hearts, garlic mashed potatoes and gravy...yum!

Make sure you check out last weeks blog...I posted some pictures there.

Anyhow, love you all so much,

-Elder Green

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