Monday, February 3, 2014

Farewell Elder Sorensen!

In case some of you thought Braiden didn't go to a foreign speaking mission...Elder & Sister Powell, the senior couple in Braiden's area, sent this little reading exercise out in their letter this week.
"Let’s go shopping!  Grab your muffler.  Leave the flat.  Get into the need for the SatNav or wishy-washies.  Arrive at the Hypermarket.  Grab a trolley.  Choose between the travelator and the lift.  Pick up plasters at the Chemist’s.  Don’t forget the jacket potatoes and baps.  Skip the nappies but stop by the loo.  Use the chip and pin device on the way out.  Put the lot in the boot.  Time for a kip before fixing some Bubble and Squeak."  
 Translation for opening paragraph:
Vauxhall-our car
wishy-washies-windshield wipers
trolley-shopping cart
jacket potatoes-potatoes for baking
loo-rest room
chip and pin device-dedit card reader
boot-car trunk
and finally…’Bubble and Squeak’-fried left-over vegetables from a roast dinner

Now onto Elder Green's letter...
So good to hear about the rain. Fasting is a fantastic thing, isn't it? I've seen so many great miracles from using it more out here in the field, and it's been such a blessing.
So, transfers are Wednesday. We're still waiting on the transfer document... Office Elders are sending it out to everyone, so we're waiting (im)patiently. Elder Dyck spoke with President last week, though, so we already know that Elder Sorensen will be leaving. My new companion's going to be Elder Gull. He's a farm boy from Southern Utah, and a really hard worker. I'm glad, because I'm ready to keep tearing this area up.

We've been seeing such good things, though! Fast and Testimony meeting was so good yesterday. Man, Joss got up and bore her testimony! She didn't have a ton to say, but she talked about just how much she loved how it felt every time she walked into the church. She mentioned to me afterwards that she was worried it wouldn't be the same this week, but as soon as she walked through the door, it just hit her in the face. I'm so glad it did!

We've been working with one of our less-active members named Alan recently. He's a really good guy, and we think he's really starting to understand how true it all is. We asked for a referral from him, and he told us to go visit his friend Kathy. We met with her this morning, and she has agreed to be baptized as well. I'm very happy.

Also, it's so good seeing how much the ward loves and trusts us. It's really come a good long way, and I think the growth is just going to be exponential. Having them see people like Joss who have been so prepared is really good for building their faith. It makes me so happy, honestly. I'm a little sad that Elder Sorensen has to go with all this progress, but I know that he's just off to start the fire elsewhere.

Our former Bishop's daughter is doing better, I think. She just ran her second course of chemo, and was able to make it to church this last Sunday. I'm hoping that all will continue to be well for her.

As for our food adventures this week, I just want to prove to you that I can cook. Attached is a picture of that egg casserole that you would make for us. I kind of just eyeballed it, and figured it out from there. It tasted quite nice, but I did forget the cream of mushroom... If you've got any good quick recipes for me, though, I'm always happy to try a new dish. And maybe a recipe for lasagna would be better, so that I don't botch it next time... I'll try to get you guys a custard recipe, though. You will be overjoyed.

Oh, I saw a fox today. They're like raccoons, here. They just wander about the cities. It was chilling in the vacant lot that was filled with rubbish near the bus station. Still haven't found my camera, so no picture of that...

Anyway, love you guys.

-Elder Braiden Green

Elder Green looking quite 'chuffed' to be successful at cooking!
Looks a lot better than the lasagna last week...

P-day trip to visit the Chichester Cathedral.

Burning old progress records...
"Old things are done away, and all things have become new." 3 Nephi 12:47

Our absolutely delicious discovery...fried white bread, rolled in cinnamon sugar and soaked in custard.
There goes my health!

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