Monday, January 27, 2014

Great Investigators, Great New Bishop, Great Street Market...and Not-So-Great Lasagna

Oh my gosh... Sometimes these stories make me wonder what the heck I was doing back home. I do sometimes miss the stupid little things, though. I'm freaking out that Maddie's going to be 12 in August... What the flip? I'm just glad Kate's not 16 yet. (This was in response to his mother telling him stories about Taylor spitting fire, Diego sneaking around the house and scaring her half to death...something he learned from Taylor...and how much his sisters are growing up without him here to see it!)

I'm really grateful for the members this week. Dad mentioned in his Email that President Peterson's been pushing member involvement in this 'Hastening of the Work,' and I can definitely testify to the power of that. Joss is doing fantastic! We had a lesson with her at the Grant's on Saturday, and she and Sister Grant get along so well. The lesson went wonderfully, despite the random winds that picked up and blew their trampoline over the fence... I wish I could have gotten a picture of that.

We also had an awesome lesson with Ariel and Lukas. Elder Dyck and I were on exchange, and they had so many great questions for us. We will hopefully be getting another Elder in the mission who is Polish to Skype with them, or something, so that they can understand more easily. There's still a language barrier there that is hard to overcome. They were actually set to come to church with us, but were unable to because we didn't have an opportunity to introduce them to the member we would like to fellowship them.

Also, let me tell you how much I love street markets. Samosas for 60p, and the most wonderful almond croissants with soft cheese in the middle.

Our contacting hasn't been as fruitful as we might have liked, but we find the nicest people, and a few strange ones... We had one guy the other week threatening to, "Heat us" in his ritual that he performs to the devil. Fun stuff, yeah? We did meet one woman on Saturday who apologized after talking to us for ten minutes that she couldn't talk to us for longer, because she was cooking a meal for her school friends from 30 years ago, and said she would have invited us in for tea if her husband had been home. Then she gave us three referrals. Such a lovely woman.

We had quite an eventful Sunday yesterday. Our Bishop has been gone for a number of weeks taking care of his youngest daughter who has been diagnosed with cancer. It's been quite a touching thing for the whole ward, but it seemed so especially so yesterday. When we came in, the entire stake presidency was there, and our stake president was rigging up Facetime with Bishop at the hospital. We quickly found out that we were getting a new Bishop, which was a huge surprise. Bishop Ferris was a wonderful Bishop, and I very much appreciate all that he did for the ward. Bishop Grant will be fantastic just as well. It was wonderful, though, because despite the lack of traditionality to the meeting, Joss (who Sister Grant brought to church) could really feel the spirit, and recognized the authority present in the meeting. I'm very excited to see her continue to progress.

Also, I've taken to carrying my guitar around town. Elder Dyck recommended that I do so, as he and his trainer did that around his 'greenie' area, and it's interesting, because despite the fact that I've not yet gotten the chance to use it in a teach, I've found that it boosts my courage and desire to stop more people, and provides a great conversation topic for people that we wouldn't usually say as much to, like bus drivers.

Well, here's a picture of Elder Sorensen and I soaked completely. Please, take the rain. Oh, and a picture of the lasagna that didn't really work... I recognize now that I definitely needed more sauce and noodles... Oops.

Elder Sorensen and I...soaking wet! I wish I could send you some of our rain.

My first attempt at lasagna...Mom, could you send me a recipe?

I'll find the camera soon. I know it. In the meantime, Elder Sorensen's being quite nice and allowing me to take pictures with his camera. I know how important it is, and so I'll try to take as many as I can.

Transfers are a week from Wednesday. All we know is someone's moving, but it's anyone's guess what'll happen.

Love you guys so much,

Elder Green

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