Monday, January 13, 2014

Talking to Everyone!

Things are going quite well here. It can be a little stressful now that we actually have plenty of work. Hahaha, having two transfers of really struggling to find investigators made it quite a surprise to work with having to plan time to see all our investigators and less-actives now. But, it's really nice. I can tell the ward really wants to support us, and is really trying to help us to accomplish the work. I admit, the area seemed a bit tough coming in, but I don't want to go at all anymore. I love the area, the people, the ward, all of it too much. I hope that doesn't mean it's time to leave after this transfer... Even if that would be for the Spanish branch...

We met some really cool people this week. The first guy used to be a Jehovah Witness, but was disfellowshipped for asking the wrong questions. He's studied theology for a long time and has even read portions of the Book of Mormon (though he mentioned that it was in the context of churches to avoid). But, he really appreciates the church's standpoint on the importance of families, and wants to learn a bit more about things from us coming back around. And, he said he'd make us food.

The second guy we just met yesterday. He's very humble, but so funny. He suffers from throat cancer, or something of the sort, and can't even talk. When we knocked on his door, he invited us in, and had to write everything to us to communicate. He used to be a really outdoorsy guy, running survival camps for youth. He even walked from Land's End (the southernmost part of England down in Cornwall) to Havant once in 4 1/2 days. That's something I'd like to try. Nearly 275 miles, sleeping in bus shelters along the way. Crazy, yeah? We're coming back to visit him on Tuesday with one of the members of the ward.

Also, I want to pay tribute to a man named George. George is one of the nicest guys ever. He's a member of our ward, and is so excited about missionary work. I wish I was half the missionary he is. We go knocking with him every so often, and he stops every single person and asks them, "Do you know these are the true messengers of the Lord, Jesus Christ?" On Monday we went out to Hayling Island with him, and were knocking a bit. The gale force winds didn't really make anyone want to open the door, and I could tell spirits were a bit low. We grabbed the bus back up, and on our way to drop George off at the train station, we stopped a guy and asked if he needed any help with his bike. He didn't, and with us still tired from all the knocking, started heading back. George started teaching the first four lessons in the next 60 seconds, so we came back, and started talking to the guy as well. Turns out he's read the entire Book of Mormon already, because he didn't want to be biased when he went to see the musical up in London. He's got a great family, and is now having the Waterlooville Sister Missionaries over. Just goes to show what talking to everyone can do.

Anyway, we're going to go play Settlers of Cataan at the Bishop's house. And then go shopping. We've been buying a lot of fancy cheese recently, but we're kind of tired of that, so we'll find something else to help us enjoy the week.

By the by, I still haven't gotten my camera back, although I am sure it is somewhere at the Powell's no new pictures again. Here's a crazy one of Elder Sorensen, though, that I found on his camera.

Love you,

Elder Green

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