Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year!

So excited to hear about awesome missionary work going on there! We're praying every day for those kinds of miracles here. We've been pushing forward trying to figure out what things are going to help the area progress as much as possible. It's not easy, but man is it worth it.

New Year's Eve was fun. We decided to work out in Emsworth, and got so lost. We finally found the road we were planning on knocking, though, and the third door proved to be fantastic. A nice man opened the door and we asked what he was most excited about in the New Year. He said, "What an interesting question. Please, come in." He and his wife were so lovely, and accepted a commitment to start reading the Book of Mormon, so we'll be seeing them again in another week.

 We took the back road home down past Warblington Castle. It used to be the home of one of Henry VIII's girlfriends, and stood until Oliver Cromwell destroyed it in the English Civil War. All that's left is one tower, but it's still pretty cool. Warblington Church is over there too, which is one of the oldest churches in the area. Also, one of the graverobbing capitols of England -- the cemetary there provided most of England's budding medical students with cadavers. It reminds me a lot of The Good Thief, Dad. Creepiest grave memorial ever there, though -- the statue of a hand sticking up out of a planter holding a naked child.

What's left of Warblington Castle
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Warblington Church and Cemetery
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Following that, we went to the Powell's for dinner. I'm glad they had us over, because there wasn't really anything more to do... Everyone was in the pub, or getting drunk at home. Oh well.

New Year's Day was pretty good as well. It was preparation day, since it was moves week, and so Elder Dyck, Elder Sorensen and I went down to Gunwharf Quays. Picked up a sweet tie for £2. Nice, yeah? Also, Elder Wright got here. He's really cool. He trained Elder Foster in the digital zone. He's bringing a lot of the digital zone to us, which will be interesting.

Sorry, no pictures this week... I think I left my camera at the Powell's... Again... I'll take plenty for next week.

Love you guys,

Elder Green

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