Monday, June 9, 2014

Area 4: Crawley...The Digital World

So, I'm loving this new area. It's definitely different, but I'm learning so much from it.

The Digital Zone works pretty much like a normal area. We do the usual work of finding people, teaching them, and baptizing just like any other missionary, but we dedicate some of our time each day to internet work as well. Mostly that's through sending people Emails through our online area book program, using Facebook to teach people over chat, and chatting with people who get onto So, it's possible that if someone were to catch it at the right time, and started chatting on, you'd get me. That's probably the most interesting one, because we get a lot of trolls... But it's whatever, you're going to get that any time you're on the internet.

We try to keep it to about an hour a day on the internet, because it's awfully easy to get distracted, especially with Facebook. I've been working at setting certain boundaries so that I get all my online work done quickly -- especially as I'm not teaching anyone yet over Facebook.

The weird thing about it, is that we're not in the same Zone or District as any of the Elders in our ward... Digital is like a Zone within a Zone... So, we see the Crawley Zone Leaders and the Crawley Elders every morning when we go play football (soccer) at the chapel, but we never have district meeting with them, or account... So, it's funky. We hardly ever even see our district, because they're all over in East Grinstead. Anyway.

Big Sur and Girls Camp sound like they'll be a lot of fun. Be sure to post pictures to Facebook (oh what a hypocrite I am...) so that I can see. Thanks for being good about messaging me on Facebook. They've told me that I'm allowed to talk to anyone, but to limit talking to family.

Hay fever's not too bad anymore, I've been taking more medicine for it. All the Elders in our ward have been suffering pretty good from it.

It's not too hot and humid, yet. The weather's actually been beautiful this last week, nice and sunny... I might actually get a tan on my arms.

Our flat's about a fifteen minute walk from the church, but the Zone Leaders drive us to the church a lot, since they live two floors below us...

I'm looking at setting up a Youtube channel soon, where I'll be arranging hymns and performing them online. So, look out for that.

We also had an amazing miracle this last week! So, we left church pretty late on Sunday, because of a munch and mingle we were having. We stopped by our flat, and when we came out of our flat, we saw this woman with three children walking away. We were going to try to catch up to her, but she was speeding along, but I heard her say, "It's okay, we'll buy you a new football." I looked down, and in the stream right outside our flat, there was a football sitting in it, and so I yelled, "Hey, I'll grab it for you!" So she stopped, and I took off my shoes and rolled up my trousers, and climbed into the stream (it wasn't very deep, so I wasn't breaking any rules...) I grabbed the football (soccer ball) and prayed and prayed and prayed that she would be interested, or that she would at least have an open heart. And when I got back, Elder Hebert was talking to her, and she was amazed by the things he was sharing with her. So, she gave us her details, we said a prayer, and got an appointment to come back and see her!

Anyway, love you so much!

Some pictures of our flat. I promise it's not as messy as it looks... The study room.
The kitchen
My bathroom -- we've actually got two!
Our relaxing area

The bedroom. Don't mind the unmade beds... Oops...
And Elder Hebert and I in the forest.

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