Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New Frontiers

Man, I'm so jealous to hear about Big Sur... We are definitely going when we get home.

Our week has been so wonderful, honestly. Crawley is just booming with potential. We've found so many amazing people who are so prepared to hear the gospel. We've got a few really wonderful investigators that we've been working with for a little while now, and we're picking up new ones every day.

So, I already told you the story about the lady with the football in the stream, well, let me tell you the rest of the story. We stopped by to go see her in the middle of the week, because we had set up an appointment with her, and when we knocked on the door... It wasn't the right address. So, we were super bummed thinking she had given us a fake address or something. But, we had been calling around to some potential investigators and so Elder Hebert was actually able to get in touch with her and we got her real address (we were just a few off, for some reason...) and actually met them for an appointment. We were pretty worried, because we weren't sure if she had a partner or not, and we hadn't been able to get a member in time, but when we knocked on the door, a man opened the door and said, "Oh, hey guys! Come on in!" Elder Hebert was so surprised, he had to ask if Justine actually lived there, which she did. As we started talking with them, it turns out that her partner's father is one of the high priests in the ward, and that he knows a ton about the church, though she knows absolutely nothing. And as we taught her the lesson, she just lit up completely, and was absolutely amazed by the idea of Joseph Smith having seen Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and prayers being answered... Oh my days, it was so cool.

And you should have seen her partner's father's face when we told him that they were taking the lessons. So exciting!

We had a number of those kind of things happen throughout the week. I wish I had my journal right here so that I could remember all of them... We were teaching one of our more solid investigators, Dominic, and were trying to get to know him a bit better. Well, at the end of the lesson we asked him for referrals, and he said, "Well, actually, that's why I was asking if you guys get days off, because I was wanting to invite a bunch of friends over to play football with you guys, and then you could teach them as well!" Flip man! And he started telling us, "Yeah, I was on the phone with my cousin the other day, and I just keep arguing with him trying to tell him how true the Book of Mormon is! He won't believe it yet, but I'll keep trying!"

The whole week wasn't amazing appointments like these, but it was wonderful, because when appointments did cancel, or people just didn't show up, we would find the most prepared people along the way. It was really exciting to see.

As for digital work, it's been so much fun, honestly. I've been putting a lot of though into how we can use these tools more effectively, and it seems like we definitely have so many tools that we need to start putting to use. The Youtube page should be up and running this week -- Shanti is just about done with the design for it, and should be uploading the video for me as well. I'm going to do what I can to be publicizing it through different LDS communities on Facebook and Google+ and through my blog. So... We'll see what happens! I keep looking for new ideas every day, so if you guys have any suggestions let me know.

Love you!

We crashed the Crawley/Uckfield district's lunch.

Elder Hebert and Elder Gunnell enjoying their food.

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