Monday, June 30, 2014

Feels Good to be Busy!

It's so funny that you mention the Fourth... Our Stake YSA are putting on an Independence day dance... Who'd have thought? And of course, Mom. I'm wearing all red, white and blue today as well, but that's just because those are the only casual clothes I own... We're going bowling.

The Youtube video's been taking forever and a day. But it should be up today. I hope. I'm going to try to get the next one going soon. I was planning on doing "Rock of Ages" with one of the kids from the ward, because I want to play my mandolin, but I don't know if I'll be able to do that one this week, so I'm working on "Come, Come Ye Saints". It'll probably be an instrumental version on the guitar, but we'll see what happens. The channel seems to be getting decent coverage -- I mean, I've got somewhere around 150 views on the first one, and about 8 followers. I'll be doing some more promotion this week.

Work has picked up, kind of. It's been an interesting week for sure... We had around three appointments every single day, and out of the seventeen or so that we had total, we only ended up getting in with two of them... But, it was cool, because we were running around trying to get as much work done as we possibly could, and it kept us really busy finding new people. Working so hard has really helped to build comp unity between Elder Hebert and I, so, good deal there. But it sure was a busy week... We didn't have more than ten minutes for lunch at least three or four days... And had to eat dinner after we came in around 9:30. It feels really good to be that busy, believe me.

We had one crazy story, though! So... Monday, we were finishing up some shopping down in town, and were on our way back, when we walked past a public restroom. I didn't really have to go, but I felt like I should, so I went in. It was disgusting in there, to say the least, and the stall with the door open was so bad, I didn't even bother. So, I pushed on the other door assuming that if someone were in there, it'd be locked. Well, it wasn't, and there was someone... Awkward. Anyway, I waited for him to finish, took his place, and Elder Hebert started talking to him when he walked outside. Turns out he's religious himself, was looking for a job, and was super keen on learning about the Book of Mormon. I joined in when I came outside, and we got his details, set up an appointment, and prayed that he would find a job. He then went and introduced us to all his Mauritian friends.

Well, we called him a few days later to confirm the appointment, and he was really sad that he had to cancel because he had found a job. We were supposed to meet him again Saturday, but he had to take his nephew to the hospital. So, we'll be seeing him this week. Sweet, huh? Just goes to show you can really find people anywhere...

On Saturday, the Stake put on a huge fun fair at the Catholic school down the street, and it was such a great time. We brought along Georgina and her kids, and they absolutely loved it, even with it chucking down rain. We were hoping for a few other investigators to show, but unfortunately they weren't able to... Still, the members of the ward were so friendly with Georgina and the kids, and really made them feel welcome, which I was so grateful for. I can sympathize on how difficult it must be to join a new church, and the ward's really helping them to feel comfortable throughout the process.

They were also able to make it to church yesterday, (and they brought a friend!), and will be going with us to Family Home Evening at the Ivey's tonight. Super stoked on that.

I've been really inspired by this last week to run this last year of my mission with everything that I've got. I've become so grateful for the Spirit lately, and am really focusing on doing everything possible to keep it in my life. I know that I cannot do this work without it, and that if I work my hardest, I'll have Him running alongside me the whole way.

Anyway, love you guys so much.

- Elder Braiden Green

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