Monday, May 26, 2014

Ups and Downs

Visit to the temple this morning.
Just a short note today...we are emailing so late, because we got to go to the temple this morning! It was wonderful.

Well, last week had its ups and downs. We had to spend a lot of time in the flat, for various reasons. Two of those days were waiting for Elder Munson's passport, which was supposed to come on Friday, but didn't end up coming until Saturday. So... we cleaned, and planned!

Elder Munson doing his thing!

As for the rest of the week, we had interviews with President on Tuesday, which were very helpful. I got the package that day. Thanks so much for everything, it was fantastic. I'm trying to savor the mint maltballs and almond brittle. We also had District Meeting at the same time, which went really well. I thoroughly enjoyed preparing it.

We've met a lot of interesting people this week. For the record, I finally figured out what alcohol smells like, as I smelled it on a drunk man on the bus. We met a really cool guy from Mauritius who's actually been looking for a church to join. We might be seeing him tonight. Problem is he works on Sundays... We also had a great experience going to contact one of our potentials. She lives up the street from a woman we really thought was going to be golden, but who we haven't been able to see since. Anyway, we knocked on her door, and spoke to her about the Plan of Salvation for some 30 minutes or so, and we have a return appointment with her this Friday! It's so strange, because her mum lives right down the street from the church, as does her nan. And, her son goes to school right near where we live. Crazy.

We've been working hard at trying to seek the spirit, and are seeing the blessings of that. The temple today was fantastic for help there. I learned so much, and felt wonderful.

Also, on a less spiritual note, we just completed our Disney Princess bracket as a district. We had questions each night to work out who was the best Disney Princess. The winner? Jane from Tarzan. Thought you might like to know.

Elder Wright and I, taking cover after getting caught in a thunderstorm.
We had been playing guitar with a Kenyan Rastafarian in the park!

BIG BEN and I!

Anyway, that's about it.

Love you!

- Elder Green

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