Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy Birthday!

Wandsworth Zone P-Day!

Thanks for all the birthday birthday was great! We ended up having two DA's that day, which was pretty cool. Last minute, one of our less-active members called us up and had us over for a proper English breakfast, which he does from time to time. Most of the day was spent working hard -- that's pretty much all I wanted to do for my birthday, because I hate feeling like I'm not working hard enough (which is most of the time). But, like I said the other day, the Appleyard's invited us over to their Thai Restaurant for dinner, and stuffed us full of delicious Thai food. Tim, the son, just got back from his mission in Thailand not too long ago. He doesn't know Sydney, but when I showed him her blog, he knew her entire ward, and her companion and her district... Pretty much everyone in all of the pictures except for her. But they brought out a huge thing of the most delicious ice cream at the end, which was fantastic.

Look at this delicious birthday dessert!

I don't have the package yet, but should do tomorrow, since we've got interviews with President then. I opened up all of Steve and Terena's gifts, they gave me a really nice new tie from M&S, some sweets, a nice bar of Thornton's chocolate with "We Miss You Elder Green" written on it in icing, and some Yankee Candles. Taylor best be jealous.

Birthday gifts from Steve and Terena.

Sister Odel is too good to us!
The night before my birthday, Elder Munson wouldn't let me get off the bus, and took
me up to Sister Odel's to pick up some delicious treats and a birthday card!

As for how how work's been going this week, we've seen some cool things happen. We've been working on these 'Lost Sheep' files and found some really great people. In fact, when we were working on my birthday, we found three people knocking all of whom said they didn't believe in God, but believed in an afterlife, and after talking to them, they believed more and more in God, and said we could try back another time. One woman could feel it pretty powerfully, and was actually looking for someone who could bless her grandmother's grave next week at the funeral, since she "Couldn't find or pay a pastor to do it." So we were like, "Well... We're licensed ministers, so we could do it." She was supposed to be at church yesterday, but she never showed.

Also, we have a baptismal date! Sort of. The Sisters have passed us one of their investigators...he's a really nice guy. I hope things continue to progress and I will have more to report soon!

Finally, we're going up to proper London today! We'll be going to take pictures with Elder White and Elder Wright up near Big Ben and the London Eye, and hopefully we can go look around the Tate Modern Art museum. We were going to go see Hamlet, but apparently it was only playing at the Globe in April... Sigh...

Having fun with the Sinclair Family.

Praying at the bus stop? Or, maybe he's just tired?

Awkward birthday photos! Elder Munson and I were so happy to find an ice cream truck
with a soft serve machine and actual scoop ice cream...YES!

Service Project!

Anyway, I love you guys,

- Elder Green

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