Monday, May 5, 2014

Knocking Doors, Playing Games, and Scotch Bonnets...

The Elders having some fun at the Welch's home. Apparently you have to play games to get fed at their house!
(Missionary moms love when the ward members take good care of their boys!)

The week has gone well. We've still not got many investigators here, and have been doing a lot of contacting, but we do have a few solid investigators that we've started working with. So, work's fairly normal. We met a few crazy people throughout the week: one guy called us over, and kept going on about how big Michelle Obama's feet were... And then there was another man who when we asked if we could pray for him went on for 10 minutes with different people he wanted us to pray for. But, it's all fun.

We've been spending a lot of time visiting less-actives again, and knocking 10-asides. It's been really effective, actually. Knocking in London is tough, since people's work schedules are all over the place, but we've been so blessed to find almost everyone home -- and, we're finding new investigators from it, which is great.

Our district's doing fantastic, as usual. The Sisters are pretty much a model area for the entire mission, and the Crystal Palace Elders are settled into their companionship, as well, and they're doing great. It's funny being a District Leader -- you deal with one issue that you've got going on, and then everything's fixed, and then you get new issues to work out. Luckily, my district hasn't been too much trouble yet.

I've got some pictures of the African food this week: Sister Sintim made us really nice foo-foo and spicy peanut soup. Elder Munson and I are training for spicy food by adding scotch bonnets to almost all of our meals. We'll get there. (Scotch bonnets are very spicy peppers that are used in African cooking...)

Anyway, love you guys,

Elder Green

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