Monday, October 14, 2013

"The only thing I miss like crazy is Mexican food..."

We've had a great week here in Havant. We're working our very hardest. It's a little bit hard being in such a new area, and not having any clue what to do with it, but we're working it out quite quickly. You know, the Lord is going to bless you with the knowledge you need to really do anything, but especially to do His work.

Havant is a bit rougher than I was used to in Newton Abbot. Not like it's a sketchy place or anything, but it's definitely not beautiful countryside. It's also not been as easy finding people to teach, but it's picking up quickly. The Lord provides us with miracles every day, and it's so amazing to see these things coming to pass.

I'll share a cool story with you. So this week, we went up to Petersfield to visit a woman who hasn't been out to church for a while. When we left, we asked if there were any roads in the area that she would recommend we knock. She gave us a few of them, and we set off to go knock one. We prayed to teach three lessons and to find a family to teach. We were only able to really teach two lessons, but we found a family that has been so prepared to hear the gospel. I'm so excited about it. We'll be seeing them this Saturday.

Sorry this isn't too long, we don't get a ton of time to Email here in Havant... The computers at the library only give us an hour (instead of the two we got back in Newton Abbot) and the computers are super slow... I'm doing my best to get all my emailing in.

I don't think that I need anything from home... The only thing I miss like crazy is Mexican food, and I'm not going to ask you to put gas station tacos in a package and send them to me. (I know he loves to hear from friends and family if you would like to write, here's his current address...)

Elder Braiden Green
5 Elmleigh House
19 Leigh Road
Havant, Hampshire, UK
P09 2ET

Here are a few pictures...I will try to send some better ones next week!

A picture of our beautiful flat...which is even more beautiful when it's clean!

My new companion, Elder Sorensen with his Rindfleischsuppe
(or Rind Flesh Soup, as we Americans interpret it.)

From our trip to the Portsmouth Historical Dockyard.

Love you!

Elder Green

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