Monday, October 20, 2014

Finding Courage

The London skyline at night.

The last week has gone really well, actually. It's definitely been a bit of a challenge adjusting to a new area and a new companion, but it's been so worth it. We've seen some really great miracles in this last week alone. I had to learn some pretty important lessons, though, before we could see any.

It's interesting for me moving in as a new District Leader. When I come in, I sit down and am able to establish a lot of what the district needs just through initial observation, and then through study and prayer. That's the easy part. What becomes difficult is how to establish those changes that need to be made. This week, I did a lot of trying to bring it to pass myself, and it just wasn't working. So, I prayed about it, and after some pretty blatant nudging went to the scriptures.

The verses I came across were in Alma, when it's talking about the people of King Limhi, and how they were practically enslaved by the Lamanites. When they went to battle against the Lamanites, basically it ended up worse for them than in the beginning. However, as they prayed to the Lord for support, the hearts of the Lamanites were softened, and they were made stronger.

Same thing's happened here... now I am set to make improvements, where I can.

By the by, by "I'm not speaking that much Spanish", I mean that I probably only use it a few times a day. I guess for an English speaking mission, it's pretty incredible how much Heavenly Father's using my ability. We've been trying to contact all the Less-active Spanish Families in our ward, and it's been really wonderful. Yesterday, we went to visit one woman that we'd never met before. Turns out she's been fairly active, but that she hasn't been to Kennington ward for about a month now due to going on Holiday, and such. Well, it just so happens that we turned up at the exact time that she needed a blessing, and so I was able to give one to her in Spanish.

Also, I'm probably going to start translating the Sunday School and Priesthood classes for the Spanish members we have. I was supposed to translate Sacrament meeting yesterday, but we couldn't get the system set up.

Some other cool miracles: We just picked up a new investigator this last week named Courage. Courage was actually someone I had been trying to teach online, but who never emailed me back. We found him on the phone, called him up and set up an appointment. He had the best questions like, "So, if someone had the Priesthood authority in Christ's time, we need to know which church has that authority now, right?" So solid.

Also, I'll probably be using music a lot more now, as well. I'm already the organist for Sacrament Meeting, and I'm playing piano for the Primary Program, but I happened to meet the director of the stake's Gospel Choir last night. You always said I could do with a little rhythm and soul.

So, things are going really well here.

Posterity Photo...Elder Blackner with his stepson (me) and son (Elder Smith.)

Love you so much!

- Elder Green

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