Monday, August 18, 2014

"Go away you Silly Boys!"

A beautiful Bewbush sky.

Let me answer all of your questions before I go into things: The Portuguese family's doing fairly well, actually. We were able to bring over a recent convert in the ward (Liliana) who is Portuguese to teach them this week, and that helped sooo much! Man, they hit it off like they'd known each other for years. Not even five minutes in, it was like Marea had forgotten that we had come over at all. Hahahaha, which I was totally okay with. She told them all about when she got baptized, and how she joined the church. She's an absolute star, and we're frankly annoyed that we've only got one of her (otherwise she would be the perfect antidote for all of our investigators!)

We also got the son, David, his own copy of O Livro de Mormon, and it was really cool to see. They made us go eat food that they had prepared for us, and when I handed it to him, he started straight off reading it out loud to his sick grandmother. And when we finally asked to say a prayer, we almost couldn't get him to put it down to say the prayer. Man, it just warms the cockles of my aortic valves. Unfortunately, due to David's crazy work schedule, and Marea having to take care of her mother, neither are able to make it to church... So we're hoping that a miracle will happen there.

I'll try to give you a few other anecdotes from throughout the week to let you know what missionary work is like:

We were walking along yesterday with 30 minutes left before dinner, and not enough time to do anything else, so we wandered up the road from our house to go contacting. We tried to stop one man and said, "Hey, have you heard about the Book of Mormon?" and he said, "Go away you silly boys!" Like, he actually called us silly boys. Silly. Boys. Oh, I couldn't stop laughing for the next five minutes or so. Man, some people are just too funny.

We planned some time to go do some contacting in town on Friday, and so we were on our way, and tried to talk to two women, and realized one of them was deaf. And, the other wasn't interested... But, anyway, we got stuck at the level crossing, and as soon as the barriers went down, Elder Barney's phone started ringing. So, he tried to pick it up, but the person on the other end hung up. And then they texted, saying, "Call me." And then they called back right when the train was going by (so, we couldn't hear them at all). But, it was a potential investigator who had flogged us twice, and so we had given up on her. She was calling to say that she was in town, and that she wanted a copy of the Book of Mormon, if we were in town too. So, we met up with her, had a lesson, and then taught her. Then, we taught another guy on a bench nearby (even though Elder Barney needed to use the restroom) who was wearing a cowboy hat, even though he was from Eastern Europe.

Phil, the ASDA (grocery store) man came up to us again last week. He always addresses us as "Sheep Stealers", bless his soul.

We've been teaching like crazy online. Elder Blair introduced a new technique that we've been trying, and we're finding tons of new Facebook investigators. It's cool, a number of them have now ordered their own copies of the Book of Mormon. You also get a few interesting people... Elder Barney has one man who keeps sending him the smallest pictures in the world, and sending him a million little Nepalese Christian Ministry websites.

Elder Barney and I will be in a "tri" this week with Elder Clark from my group. I'm really excited, because he's coming back out on his mission after going home for a bit. It'll be great to see him again, and work with him. I think he'll have a ton of ideas.

We're still working on the ideas for recent converts... We're going to try a Facebook group, but many of the recent converts don't have Facebooks..We'll keep working on it.

Bowling on P-Day!

I guess I am a "Silly Boy!"

Looks like I need to work on my game...

Anyway, love you!

- Elder Green

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