Monday, August 25, 2014

"Dodge Knocking"...and lots of pictures! (Thanks Elder Clark)

Walking through the green tunnel, under the roundabout by our flat.

Carrying Elder Clark's bags down the lane.

Washing up in the stream.

Week's been going just great. It was so much fun working with Elder Clark. He definitely made the week a lot more interesting than it would have been without him. And, you're going to love him, because he took tons of pictures. I'll send them all your way.

Elder Barney, me, and Elder Clark...our "tri" at the temple.

So, at the moment, we're teaching three people pretty solidly: an English woman, our Portuguese Family, and a Lithuanian guy with the coolest name ever!  A quick update on each of them ---

Our English investigator has got a heart of absolute gold, and really wants to gain more faith in her life. Her desire is so strong, and she's the most sincere woman, we've just felt bad because she seems to be pretty busy, and other things unfortunately are getting in the way... We were able to meet with her once this week, though, with Brother Goldthorpe from the ward. Though we only had about 15 minutes to teach her, it was a pretty good lesson all things considered.

The Portuguese family are doing well also. We were actually able to meet with her husband and her this week, and he's so funny. He kept making jokes about how we needed to eat more food (they always seem to feed us), and after the lesson he grabbed his box of cigarettes, and just started singing, "Smoke! Smoke! Smoke!" as he walked outside. We'll help him out with that soon. It's great, because Marea started trying to teach me a bit of Portuguese. I retained almost nothing, but that's okay. She's super kind as well.

And our Lithuanian friend is such a cool guy! The way we met him is such a miracle, too. We met his brother in town centre after an appointment that we had with another woman, and he asked us for a Book of Mormon and said he'd love to come to church. Turns out, he was drunk during all of that... But, he gave us his address, and so we went to go visit later in the week. When we met our investigator he told us he was a Seventh Day Adventist, and totally gave me a full on bear hug because he felt bad that he thought Mormons had magic powers. We asked if we could come around the next day, and he said that'd be fine. So, we met with him, and the Spirit was super strong. And when we asked if he thought it could be true, he said, "Yeah, I do think so." And we invited him to be baptised. We gave him a baptismal date (October 4th) just this morning, and he's so excited. He was asking, "So... Do I really have to read the whole Book of Mormon before I get baptised? Because, I just want to get baptised as soon as possible."

What else... We've been having a lot of fun trying out our new contacting technique of "Dodge Knocking". We go and find the sketchiest places in town (typically the flats above shops in town centre) and go knock them all. It's really fun, because the stairways to get up to them are always super hard to find, so it becomes a bit of a scavenger hunt. We didn't see a ton of success from it, especially as many of the buildings above the shops turned out to be offices, which is super unusual. But, we did pick up one potential investigator, which was good, so we'll be stopping by to see him soon.

Above the shops..."Dodge Knocking."

More "Dodge Knocking" pictures on the stairways.

Elder Clark really taught us a lot about how to do missionary work a bit differently. Since he had served in the Las Vegas mission for one transfer while waiting on his visa to come back out, he knew a completely different mission culture, which was super useful for us. He taught us how to use the pamphlets much better, and a lot about more effective study. Plus, we had tons of fun just doing what we do best.

Digital Work!

Oh, moves calls!! Elder Barney and I are staying, but we're getting a new companion for our tri! We'll be with Elder Nunnally from Georgia. Man, party every day.

Eating at a Caribbean restaurant with Elder Gunnell...what delicious fish!

The edge of nowhere!

Anyway, that's about it for the week!

Love you all,

Elder Green

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