Monday, April 21, 2014

Me and my instruments are moving to the city...

The flax seed fields are in bloom...

I'm glad that Easter went over so well! We had a great day at church. The Bishopric all spoke, and they are very inspiring speakers. We had two choir numbers (I had to read it off the paper as we sang, because we couldn't attend the choir practices for the past few weeks with correlation), and Sister Perry -- a good friend of Sister Hall -- sang a solo. It was really quite nice.

We didn't get invited to anyone's home for dinner, but Bishop Grant had Elder Gull and I and Joss over for a barbecue on Friday. And even though the Grant's have been in my book of favorite people for a good while, they've just solidified their spot there: I now have a mandolin. And a really nice one at that. I know Mom, even sending me to another country couldn't stop my instrument collecting. I don't have a picture of it now, but I can stick it in tomorrow, or the day following when I get a chance to Email.

Speaking of which, I'm moving. I've been here an awfully long time, and they've decided that they would like to stick me up in London proper, in a place called Mitcham. I'll be District Leader up there with Elder Munson, who's Elders' Quorum President. And I'll actually have Sisters in my district. Luckily, Sister West is one of them, so she'll be able to tutor me on how to work with Sisters.

Elder Dyck goes home today, and he's feeling pretty bittersweet about it all. I'll definitely miss him tons. I've only had one transfer so far on my mission not serving with him, so it's definitely going to be strange.

Our last week has been pretty good. Not really too much different. We worked with a few less-active members, which was nice to jump into again. It was funny, because I've noticed that in this area, more than ever, I've run into so many less-actives on the street. We met one in the mall last Monday or Tuesday, and the Chinese Elders in Portsmouth called last night about another one that they found street contacting in their area. They'll be working with him, as he's Chinese.

Anyway, not too much else to report this week. Elder Gull just got finished fleshing out a rabbit hide for president, and boiling and bleaching the fox and rabbit skulls. Our flat still smells like boiled head. Yuch!

I can't think of anything else that I would need... I always think of that in the middle of the week when I'm not Emailing... Don't worry about it, I'm happy as it is.

I hope you guys have a great rest of the week, and I'll probably write again once I'm up in London.

Burning old records...again!

Love you,

- Elder Green

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