Monday, August 26, 2013

Talking Cars...and a New Companion

Our view from the bus stop, while we were down in Paignton.

I'm glad to hear Julius is doing well! I wish that we got a chance to read other missionaries blogs, but with how little time we ourselves have to Email and everything, it's probably better we don't. It's always inspiring to hear about these miracles that keep happening, though. Every time we get a call from President Millar, or a Zone Leader they're always asking to know about what miracles we've seen that day. It's really good to reflect on that and to see what good we're doing in an area, because despite challenges and difficulties, there are always miracles happening.

Please add (on Facebook) Ashley, and Jade, Josh and Holly if they added us as well. Ashley and Jade are two investigators that we're teaching, and they're way cool. We met him out on the street, and Elder Schorzman and he talked cars for quite a while. Jade, his partner, came out after a bit and we chatted with her too. We gave them a card with our Facebook info on it, and guess what? Jade spent all night on Those little cards we hand out really make a difference. They're amazing people, and it's always awesome stopping by their place. Jade's been reading the Book of Mormon now, and so we're really excited. And now their friends are interested as well. I think that's one of the best things about being out here: I mean, we're here to preach the gospel, but we end up meeting and talking to the best people. And then we want to share the gospel with them not just because we're on a mission, but because we really like them, and care about them, and want them to be as happy as they can possibly be. You start to develop the most amazing relationships with them.

And what's even more of a miracle is that Elder Blackner is perfect for them, and a number of other people in the area. He's from Beaver, Utah, and has only been out here for three transfers, so President obviously trusts us quite a bit to have someone who's half-trained leading an area, and someone who just got done training as my trainer. He's really into hunting, so we talk about that quite a bit. I'm teaching him guitar, also, so he can start playing in the musical programs with us. He's really coming along quite well. And we get along really well, too. I think the best thing that I learned from Elder Schorzman is to be as open with your companion as possible, and that has helped Elder Blackner and I to become good friends already. I know the Lord sent him here for a reason, and I can see that both of us are supposed to be here more and more everyday.

We actually do have some baptisms scheduled for Phoebe, Steve and Terena's daughter. She should be getting baptized on the 14th of September. We're really excited for that family, and have been so grateful for all the miracles we've seen with them.

I never did get that haircut scheduled... I might get it later today. We'll see.

Also, I'm going to try to send home some chocolate and things this next week. If you guys want anything in particular, let me know and I'll buy it next Monday. I'll probably send home some Cadbury and Angel Delite. I wish I could send Vimto, but it'd be too heavy.

Your package should get here soon, by the by. We've got Zone Training next week, so I should get it then, at the latest.

We spent P-day here at "Hannahs," a center for the disabled.  They have art exhibits, a big music room and garden and a fantastic view of Newton Abbot and Teignmouth.
Sister Nelson and I had to get a picture with that in the background (below).

Love you all so much,

Elder Green

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