Monday, March 23, 2015

Worth It!

Winchester Ward Missionaries...
Elder Law, Elder Johnson, Elder Mercer, and me

Portsmouth Zone with President and Sister Millar

Anyway, I know that all you want to know is what's happening with moves. Elder Mercer's going to be going off to Wandsworth, and I'll be here with Elder Fafita from Tonga. I'm super excited. As I remember, he's a professional Rugby player back home, so I'm looking forward to him helping me to become super ripped. And Elder Law will be moving out of Romsey off to Plymouth, and they'll be bringing in Elder Slade today. So, honestly, a super solid district, a lot of really good hard working missionaries, which I'm really excited about. I was honestly hoping I would get the opportunity to train, and it doesn't look like that'll happen now, but still, I'm well stoked about the kind of work we'll be able to get going this transfer.

It's been a good last week, actually. I'm really pleased with it. This marks the third time falling ill in the last six months-ish, which is kind of ridiculous, but I decided that I would use it as an opportunity to work really hard despite feeling sick. So, I worked through the headaches, and...! I'm even more ill now. But! We saw so many miracles from it that I don't even care!

One of the girls that Elder Mercer and Elder Treadway met, forever ago, texted us earlier this week, and said that she had been learning about the church in her American Studies courses at the University, and was wanting to meet up and learn more about it. It was a great lesson, and she went ahead and recorded the whole thing so that she could review it later. Pretty cool, huh? She came along to church on Sunday, and really enjoyed it, from what I could tell. She got on pretty well in the YSA class, even though she was only intending on staying for the first hour of church.

Also, we had a really spiritual teach with a homeless man we met on the High Street. He's a really great guy, and ended up really taking on board what we had to share with him. Unfortunately, he flogged the next teach, and then skipped out on church, and he'll be gone this week... But, I hope that the bit we were able to share with him made a difference. I was pretty stoked, because he gave me a copy of the Apocrypha, which can now sit on my shelf alongside my RLDS Book of Mormon and my Jehovah's Witness New World Translation of the Bible.

The coolest one came on Sunday, though, especially because it was so unexpected. We had met a girl  on the street a few weeks ago, and spoke with her and her Dad for a little while. Her father wasn't particularly interested in the Gospel, but we helped him loading up his van, and then spoke to them for a while. We were excited because the daughter told us where we could get root beer around here, but she also referred her mother to us. So, we tried by a few times, but couldn't seem to catch her in. But, we knocked on the door yesterday afternoon, and when she answered, we said, "Hey, your daughter told us you might be interested in hearing about what we have to share with people." and she invited us straight in, saying that she had been expecting us for a while yet. She's had some pretty incredible experiences in her life, and as we spoke to her, we found out that not only had she heard of the church, but she knew one of the members of our ward, and had read the Book of Mormon because one of the Young Men in the ward had given a copy to her son. The Spirit was super powerful, and she was so excited to be able to talk to us about everything, it was honestly amazing. So, we're meeting with her and her member friend on Tuesday again.

This week's taught me something. I know you're not going to be happy with me for having made myself a bit more ill, and now I'm pretty much going to have to give up most of today and/or tomorrow for it, but being sick has been amazing for me. When I first started to get ill, I thought, "Well, I can either rest up and give less to this work just because I'm a bit ill, or I can work even harder and see what miracles happen because of it." Well, now I'm actually decently ill, but we've found all of these amazing miracles despite that! The Lord will always bless us according to our diligence and obedience, even if now I have to pay for it a little. It's a worthwhile price, though.

Anyway, love you.

- Elder Green

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