Monday, January 5, 2015

"People here are so friendly."

That's really funny about your dream, mom,  I actually just had one last night that I was home from my mission as well, but it was just a little holiday back. It's probably one of the more common dreams I have out here.

It is the New Year! Isn't it crazy? Man... We kind of just spent the whole day working, trying to stop Uni students on their way to the pubs. We did have a nice Dinner Appointment that night, though, with one of the Recent Converts in the ward. She's pretty great -- I think you'd get along with her really well. It was really funny, because we were just having a nice chat with two Jehovah's Witnesses on the way there, and they said, "Make sure not to drink too much tonight! Oh wait, you guys don't get drunk, do you?" Well... Yeah, it's kind of impossible when you don't drink at all.

People here are so friendly. They're so friendly. It's the greatest. You knock on someone's door, and they don't seem to have any problem with it at all, they're so nice, and personable, and cheery... It's so strange coming from London to this, because people are pretty cold on the streets in London when they're not interested. But, on the reverse end, people in London are pretty frequently interested, and people here, well, they aren't really. But I'm determined, and I'm certain that we can find baptisms here. The Lord's been pretty supportive of that, from what I can tell, and so I'm working really hard for the next two weeks to talk to everyone I can so as to find those people.

And the ward is so great. Everyone kind of seemed in a hurry to get in, and so I wasn't able to speak to a ton of people during church, but everyone was really happy to have me in the ward once choir practice started. One of the things I really wanted to make sure that I did in this ward was to sing in sacrament meeting as soon as I can, so I kind of talked myself up a bit to the choir director... I felt bad kind of vaunting myself, but at the same time, I think it's important to ensure that I've got a good relationship with the ward so that we get a lot of member support behind our own personal efforts.

Oh, Elder Mercer's pretty great too. I think I told you he's from Colorado Springs, and is really cool. I'm follow-up training him, in addition to being District Leader here (I think I'm determined to be an eternal District Leader, which I'm totally cool with -- I enjoy working with people on a more personal level anyway). He has a bit of apprehension with talking to people still, which I can definitely understand, but he's super humble, and desirous to put forward his all, so I know that we'll be able to get the work up to speed pretty quickly. In addition, he and I have a lot in common -- the least of which being we both went to BYU, so that's pretty nice as well.

Again, this is the most beautiful place I've lived in England. You might be interested to know that one of the last scenes of the new Les Miserables was filmed here at the Cathedral, the one where Jean Valjean is in the church and Fantine's ghost appears. I don't think I told you that yet...

Sorry, only a few photos... The Clam Chowder was so good. I was so happy about it. And a quickie from moving the other day. We'll take a lot today.

The Clam Chowder was so good. Thanks mom for sending the ingredients for homemade!

Elder Ocando helping me off at the train station.
(I think this picture is missing one suitcase and an instrument...I don't know how he gets from place to place on transfer day!)

Love you all!

- Elder Green

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