Monday, November 11, 2013

Our efforts will not be wasted

No pictures this week, so Mom is putting in some 'pre-mission' photos. I sure do miss this boy!

So, lately we've been losing a lot of investigators...again (yes, that includes the guy with the Book of Mormon. We've not been able to get back in contact with him since.) We've been struggling to keep them in this area, which is kind of a trial sometimes. We've been working really hard to find new ones, though. The plan of action for the past few weeks has been to contact every less-active member that we don't know anything about, and to see if they're interested in meeting with us. Following that, we knock 10 doors on each side of them, and record any miracles that we have. What's amazing is that we've found two less-active members who weren't on the ward list that way, and another one in travel to see another less-active. They're seriously popping up all over the place. And! We got a solid new investigator from it. She's 16, and is very interested in what we've got to teach her. And her parents are okay with her learning about the church, which is wonderful. We're hoping to bring the Young Women's president along in the future. Needless to say that's exciting.

Now, one thing we've been trying to work out also is how we can contact new investigators better. We've grown a bit tired of door knocking, and have been trying to see what we can do to employ other methods. So, this is totally open to suggestions from anyone, anywhere. We're trying to see if there's any way we can use music. I tried playing piano in the mall the other day, and it made a real impact on some people, and one old woman stayed the entire time, and then asked who we are, what we're doing, etc. Anyway, if you've got any ideas, please let me know.

One thing that I've been quite impressed with this week, though, is just the fact that I can only do what I'm able to. It's difficult to see sometimes that you put a lot of effort into something and the rewards aren't evident at the moment. But as I've put much time into prayer, study, fasting, etc. I've come to the conclusion that these efforts will not be wasted. If everyone in the city were to drive us out with pitchforks, torches blazing, I would have become something more from my trying to help these people. My favorite scripture says, "Fear not, little children, for you are mine, and I have overcome the world, and you are of them that my Father hath given me; and none of them that my Father hath given me shall be lost." (D&C 50:41-42) The Lord has an understanding of what we need, and what others need, and I'm so grateful to have been put in such a place that I can learn where I need to be, and what I need to do.

He's already for England with these cool socks!

Love you guys,

Elder Green

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