Thursday, June 27, 2013

Safe and Sound

I am here safely at the MTC. We had a pretty nasty time getting here... Crazy delays coming out of DC, and which led to us missing our flight and the one they rescheduled for us from London to Manchester... So we had to reschedule yet another. And the flights were pretty grueling... Especially when everyone around you is watching movies and listening to music and you just have to read your scriptures and (attempt to) sleep. But, hey, we're all here and that's all that matters.

The people I flew in with were great. Elder Goodson's in my mission, as is Elder Darcy who we flew to Manchester with. He's from Dublin, and seems like a super nice guy. Sister Gregory's in the London mission, but she was great to travel with.

They've got us set up pretty well here in the MTC. It's so beautiful--the cafeteria looks right out on the duck pond, and with it all raining and gloomy it's quite fantastic.

P-Day's Wednesday here, so I'll be able to write more then. As for now, I've got to go take care of meeting with the MTC President and a few others things. Hopefully I'll have time for a nap after that...

Love you all!
-Elder Green

England Missionary Training Center

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